Color: shades of pink
Dimensions: about 30cm
Material: European drought
Description: Dried pink pepper bouquet. Used as a decorative product. It is a unique and seasonal product that has retained its natural scent. It comes from the Peruvian pepper tree and is called the schinus seed. It goes well with other dried flowers with which you can create an interesting bouquet. Dried plants are decoration in line with the idea of ​​less waste. The product is sold in a bouquet. The composition in the photos consists of two bouquets. Remember that peppercorns may flake off slightly. Compose your dream bouquet with flowers and plants from our store. Discover all products from the collection of dried plants (click)
Care: Dried plants should be exposed in a dry place, away from direct sunlight. They can be vacuumed in two ways: 1.with a hair dryer set to the lowest program with a cold stream of air, or 2.using compressed air, as in the case of electronic devices. Store dryers away from moisture and sun.
Delivery: Ordered goods are sent by DPD courier. Pickup in person is also possible. Dried plants are packed in paper and shipped in a box, so they are properly secured.


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