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"Can You Dare to See?": A Reflection on Finding Peace & Purpose

Updated: Jul 17

Incorporating poetry into the workplace may seem unconventional, but its potential benefits are noteworthy. Poetry reveals the extraordinary in the seemingly mundane, inviting us to question, explore, and grow, individually and collectively. Poetry encourages imaginative thinking, enhances communication skills, fosters team cohesion, and offers a mindful break from the daily routine (Whyte, 1994; Morgan, 2010; Wagner, 2015; Boje & Taylor, 2006). So, why not add a touch of humour to the mix? Imagine starting a team meeting with a moment of "Heat Death," a poem that explores the intricacies of existence and the human experience. While the title might sound like the unfortunate consequence of forgetting your suncream on a day at the beach, the poem itself could spark thought-provoking conversations and the realisation that we're all navigating this complex journey called life. You might be surprised at the connections that emerge, the conversations that unfold, and the refreshed perspectives that arise.

Heat Death

Impossible when love cuts off

To find a new wave of being

That feels so incredibly right.

I marvel inside, in awe of disbelief.

Such beauty could not emerge from who I am -

How could it?

And as I watch,

It shines so brightly,

I stop.

So out of place,

A contrast far too sharp

To ever merge.

Feather's lightness in heavy steel,

Birthing kindness

in the violent storm of rage's acts.

Wisdom melting frozen dark,

Surrendering to nothing of hating forgiveness,

for always being right.

Shout of the earthy breath in outer space,

Reminding stiff control to loosen up

So freedom can come back.

Surprised by dying when most alive,

Confused by spark out of no collide,

Someone must have named "the right" so wrong.

Staring gaze of the truth in a lie,

It's the shock of in-between,

The gap of 1 and 0.

That is "the right" I am peering at,

Beyond the list of Ms Knowing’s wants.

Would I dare and take a dive?

I will.

I want to.

I am.

It's mine to reap, enjoy, and love,

To keep, to share, to give,

To grow.

I must be careful.

Not get addicted.

Unfancy it just enough.

This constant stretching

Makes me far too tired,

Dangerously emptying my weakening core.

I better chain that ego slightly.

Plateau in humble peace.

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

That restful pause improves my sight.

A bumblebee, a stone, and a stick,

Anthers’ dust in dew’s one droplet.

And you?

Can you dare

To want to see?

To reap, enjoy, and love,

To keep, to share, to give,

To grow?

Don't be dumb,

Don’t do me,

Don’t wait for the pain to see.

There were never any boundaries,

No beginnings or their ends,

Nor the lines of rights and wrongs.

Only waves of our being.


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