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(Not so) Straightforward
Guides to Leadership & Team Development

Hey, I am Karolina.

On this site, I share my learnings and discoveries in the areas of entrepreneurship, leadership, personal growth, team performance, group dynamics, and team coaching. I also dabble in poetry, exploring the spaces between words just as I explore the spaces between people in my professional work.

Key Descriptors


University of Reading


University of the West of England


PhD in Organisational Behaviour. My thesis focused on collective leadership, particularly the DAC framework (Drath et al., 2008)  and Shared Leadership (Carson et al., 2007). Explore here > 

Team Coaching / Senior Lecturer working on one of the undergraduate programmes based on Team Academy methodology (learning by doing, experiential and self-directed learning).

Learning is my passion. I hold a number of qualifications in the areas of coaching, mindfulness, and social entrepreneurship.

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