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Record what needs to be said.
Stay in charge of the end of life.
Keep your voice alive
even when you are gone.

Write to bring the change.
Or keep it short & simple:
e.g. “Plain funeral, please.
I like tomato soup.”

Express what important.
Prevent guessing & quarrelling.
Help with the planning.
Show care & love.

Schedule into the future. 
Take responsibility
for what yours anyway.
It’s never too early.

Will I die?

I’m dying and this process totally confuses me. On one hand, I am still alive, breathing and present, and on the other hand, I feel like “I died” already. Mostly I feel paralysed. Overwhelmed with fear, anger, sometimes even rage. Not able to think, plan and look ahead. On better days, I feel grateful. Sometimes even hopeful, understanding and accepting. I imagine “I died” happened already but not because I want to die. I imagine “I died” so the question “Will I die?” loses its power over me leaving me free and unrestrained in my actions. Most days I wake up thinking about how best to use the remaining time, energy and serve, forgive and tidy up anything which needs closing. I wish to complete my life without the heaviness of “I died” and instead leave lightly, with the others inspired, enlivened and fulfilled by how I presented myself. Better, I envisage I left knowing I brought joy and connection beyond the limits of time. I am leaving proving it’s possible to support those I love without “I’m dying”, “I died” and naive “will I die?” stopping me to continue to bring love, kindness and joy.

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Is there strength in accepting “I’m dying”?

  • Talking about “I’m dying” is not always easy. Sometimes it’s even impossible. With NoEnds we can record what important for our end of life to help ourselves feel in charge as well as to support others when “I died” becomes reality.
  • It might be there is something important to be said; the last opportunity to create a change, forgive or complete the past so that we can feel free and unbounded by the past. 
  • Digital letters can be edited.  You can add files, links, videos, pictures and music. 
  • Using our service enables you to provide a legacy leaving a trace and representation of who you really were; all in one place beyond “I died”.

Is there strength in creating regardless of the feeling “I died” already?

  • All digital letters are backed and safe; the hand-written letters provide the real feeling of connection. 
  • NoEnds provides “delay” postal services. You can schedule all purchases in the future, long after you are gone. 
  • Please note, we are not a will; we are for the “emotional stuff”.
  • NoEnds is a database. If you choose so, your wishes & messages can be discoverable 100 years from now.
  • None of us knows the day of our death. Recording wishes describing our preferences increases our chances of staying in charge of the last days of our life as well as when I died.
  • Information we provide helps others too. It gives reassurance decisions made on our behalf, in time when we can not make them ourselves, are in line with what we wished for before I died.
  • All the letters can be scheduled in the future and posted on your behalf on the day you specify.

The most vulnerable moments are these of admitting “I’m dying”.

"I'm dying. The night I finished writing my notes I went running. I remember that night.
Crystal clear, dark and cold sky. There was no fear, just freedom. All what there was, was said and nothing was unfinished. The feeling of I died was gone.
The sky was full of stars and it felt like I ate them all.
I was unburdened and fully and completely alive."
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Karolina O.
How do the digital letters work?

The digital posting system had been designed to be user friendly.

Firstly, you are asked to list who your message is for.

Secondly, when this is done you can start expressing your wishes & write your messages. 

Thirdly, and most importantly, you can edit and attach all types of files; even schedule into the future.

Moreover, we will keep your notes backup and safe; post on your behalf.

Most importantly, your message is accessible by your named contacts only unless you decide to make it public.

NoEnds, beyond “I died”...

Please visit our NoEnds Shop to suprise others and schedule delivery of unique, hand-made gifts.  Additionally, visit our shop for ceremonial and meditation robes and other comfortable and beautiful clothing and art iteams. Our shop includes links to emotional support groups and meetings. This is especially important if you feel like  or say “I died” or ask questions such as “will I die?”. 

Please note our shop exists to support our main purpose. Therefore, NoEnds shop is simply something that adds to our activities and is not our main focus. NoEnds was created to uphold our last wishes and messages for the generation to come. Above all, we provide the opportunity to use the time of our passing in service to others to leave them inspired, enlivened and fulfilled.

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'I am dying', and I died

This is We exist to uphold last wishes & messages. In other words, we support anyone saying “I am dying” or those who feel like “I died” already. We belong to all people.

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Anyone can contact Samaritans FREE any time from any phone on 116 123, even a mobile without credit. This number won’t show up on your phone bill. Or you can email or visit  

Thank You
for your interest. Digital Postal Service is in Beta.
If you don’t mind imperfections and happy to help us
with testing and developments, we would love you to join us.

Drawing of a girl admitting I’m dying
"I am dying"

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